#SaveMaryam: The Islamic Campaign to Halt the Spread of the Gospel in Indonesia

Have you heard of the #SaveMaryam campaign? Muslims in Indonesia are concerned about the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in that nation and are predicting that by 2035 it will no longer be a Muslim-majority country.  The following is the promotional video created in order to generate financial support from Muslims especially in order to stop the mass movement of Indonesian youth toward faith in Christ.  The video is pretty amazing actually. I don't think I've seen very many example of "counter-missionary" propaganda. What are your thoughts?


  1. Wow--very informative video, it is encouraging to see what God is doing in Indonesia. As Christians we need to continue to pray for the church in Indonesia, especially as Muslim leaders have begun to see Christianity as a threat.

    The video is also interesting because it clearly portrays the good work being done by the Christian Church in Indonesia--I pray that Maryam would meet Jesus, her Lord and Savior, and truly understand her namesake as a young woman who seeks after God's heart.


    It appears that this video is guilty of misusing statistics in the way that many Christian missionaries have been chastised for in the past. Go for the biggest number for the sake of sensationalism--then people will be more likely to give.

    It is interesting that this organization used several Christian organizations projections of secret believers (or insider movements) as the foundation for the projections. While there certainly are more Christians in Indonesia than are reported in the official census, World Harvest's number of 20% is probably incredibly inflated.

    1. Yes, Justin Long was pointing out the same thing.

  3. Praise God! Let us continue to pray for Maryam and others like her.

  4. Anonymous12:35 AM I read this article then came here to post. I was first struck by the large number of Christians that was being presented which appears to be a false claim. Then I was struck by the asking of 2 million dollars. Considering this video is well polished and took a huge chunk of cash to produce... I can't even imagine how much money it took to make it, 2 million dollars just does not jive with what is being presented.

    My prayer is that God will take this video and reverse it - place it into people's hearts to find out who is this Jesus and that will lead to salvation. - Rich