Muslims, Insider Movements and the Issue of Identity

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I enjoy very much following the Circumpolar blog and the much needed balance they bring to the too often over-heated and ill-informed debate regarding contextualization in mission among Muslims. I've spoken before about the "insider v. outsider" controversy and won't get into it all here (e.g. my response to John Piper).  I do, however, wish to direct you to a recent post by Warrick Farrah over at Circumpolar that is well-worth a read.

Farrah is reflecting on an article by Tim Green entitled "Identity Issues for Ex-Muslim Christians, with Particular Reference to Marriage".  Farrah focuses his reflections on Green's challenging of the so called "C-scale", which I have also challenged here.  Green raises issues particular to the Muslim context that are very helpful and form yet another compelling reason why we should abandon the "C-scale" paradigm in our discussions about contextualization in mission.

Read Farah's post at Circumpolar - "We need to change the model, change the debate, and make room for “identity transition” in MBB conversion experiences." 

Additionally, Circumpolar recommends a number of links for Muslims that I'd encourage you to take a look at. 

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