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I'm sitting in on a meeting being conducted by the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board.  This "Send Chicago" meeting is a part of the new NAMB "Send North America" emphasis.  I will be tweeting on this for the next few hours.  So, please follow me at!/codytibm


Police Looking For Missing Bhutanese Refugees - News Story - KXLY Spokane

Police Looking For Missing Bhutanese Refugees - News Story - KXLY Spokane: "SPOKANE, Wash. -- Bhutanese refugees hoping for a better life in Washington are now missing and Spokane Police need the community's help finding them.

17-year-old Krishna Dhakal, a Lewis and Clark High School student, 28-year-old Dilli Ram Bhattarai and 21-year-old Krishna Dhital disappeared two weeks ago. They were last seen shortly after playing soccer at a park near Whittier Pool on June 11."


The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus (English / Hindi)

Here's a message I preached a while back (English w/ Hindi translation) on the high priestly prayer of Jesus.

Learn to Speak Nepali (Free Resources)

I've just created a new page on our website especially for those of you that are seeking to learn Nepali.  I have many friends now around the country that are working among the Bhutanese-Nepali refugees.  I think you will find the resources on this page to be of tremendous value.

Nepali Language Lessons

Can You Give me a Push?

Just for fun . . . 
A man is in bed with his wife when there is a rat-a-tat-tat on the door. He rolls over and looks at his clock, and it's half past three in the morning. "I'm not getting out of bed at this time," he thinks, and rolls over. Then, a louder knock follows. "Aren't you going to answer that?" says his wife.

So he drags himself out of bed and goes downstairs. He opens the door and there is man standing at the door. It didn't take the homeowner long to realize the man was drunk.

"Hi there," slurs the stranger. "Can you give me a push??"

"No, get lost. It's half past three. I was in bed," says the man and slams the door. He goes back up to bed and tells his wife what happened and she says, "Dave, that wasn't very nice of you. Remember that night we broke down in the pouring rain on the way to pick the kids up from the baby sitter and you had to knock on that man's house to get us started again? What would have happened if he'd told us to get lost??" "But the guy was drunk," says the husband. "It doesn't matter," says the wife. "He needs our help and it would be the right thing to help him." So the husband gets out of bed again, gets dressed and goes downstairs.

He opens the door, and not being able to see the stranger anywhere he shouts, "Hey, do you still want a push??" And he hears a voice cry out, "Yeah, please." So, still being unable to see the stranger he shouts, "Where are you?"

And the stranger replies, "I'm over here, on your swing."


Least Churched Cities in America »

Interesting stuff here ...

Least Churched Cities in America »

America's Most Sinful Cities -

Here's a little something to follow up on my earlier blog. Forbes seems to be trying to be somewhere between funny and serious. Enjoy!

America's Most Sinful Cities - "We have unveiled the American city that has fallen the farthest from grace in each of the seven deadly sins ( lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, wrath, envy and pride). For each sin we stretched our imagination to find a workable proxy--murder rates for wrath, per capita billionaires for avarice--then culled the available data sources to rank the cities. Some of the results were surprising: Salt Lake City as America's Vainest City. Some were not: Detroit as America's Most Murderous."