Southern Baptists and Baptism

Well, I found this to be interesting.  Some of you will know why.

For the rest, just enjoy the read ...

Between The Times: "LifeWay Research released a study yesterday demonstrating that a slight majority (52%) of the Southern Baptist pastors they polled believe that any professing believer can participate in communion. Only about a third of those polled (35%) believe that baptism is prerequisite to the Lord’s Supper. Still others advocated other positions, which are less relevant to this post. (The poll also had some interesting statistics about how frequently Southern Baptists celebrate communion, but that’s another topic for another day.)"

Where are you on this?


  1. God is light, soul is tiny light, one need to know self. You are not body mind, they belong to you. You are soul..
    how to know realize>? Get preaching from guru and take thiruvadi deekshai(holy feet inititaion)
    Kingdom of god is with in, get baptized by light

    More details

    1. Sivamjothiji Namaskar! I am interested in what you are saying here. Thank you for sharing. I am a devotee of Satguru Prabhu Sri Yeshu (Mukteshwar) and I took His diksha in 1993. You will see on this blog that I write much about Hindu concepts. I hope you will read these and discourse with me about those things.

      Jay Sri Yeshu!

    2. Thanks, Thiruvadi deekshai is the way to know/see the spirit in your eyes. Now body and soul are tightly coupled. It has to be changed. Thiruvadi davam is the open eye meditation. Surrender the mind in the pupil of eyes(holy feet of god). This is a powerful davam. It helps you to attain deathless life and make body to divine light. So Visit India meet guru and take initiation. Dont give work to mind in the meditation. one has to travel beyond the mind. Dont to any practices.

    3. Thanks again, Sivamjothiji. I look forward to discoursing with you in the future if you want to read any of the posts on my blog related to Hinduism. Shanti!

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Friend, if then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness. Since you do not see the darkness within you, you can not see the Light. You have shown that you do not know self because you have not recognized the darkness. Until you know the darkness you will never find the Light.