Endiro Coffee in Uganda -- Don't miss it!

Cool. Here's a review of my sister's new coffee shop in Kampala, Uganda. Super proud of her and the work she is doing there. May the Lord show TIBM how we can get behind her in it. By the way, my dear friend Vincent Lee is responsible for the logo design.  So, if you are in Uganda, don't miss Endiro Coffee, and please tell my sister, Gloria, "Namaste" from me.

UPDATE: Got to talk with Gloria on the phone since posting this.  Let her know that the website for Endiro Coffee was down.  It is back up now.  Check it out here!  Also, please let's all lift up the ministry of Endiro as they seek to launch and support discipleship initiatives among child-headed families in Uganda.

Snapshots #2: Coffee Shop Love | a year in uganda: "Of course I love a good coffee, but I really love Endiro because of the story behind it. My good friend Gloria (in above picture, on right), has had the dream of starting this coffee shop ever since I met her. She’s been a missionary in Nepal and has traveled the world, but her heart now is focused on the vulnerable children of Uganda, and she wanted to open a coffee shop as a means to support some discipleship initiatives she’s developing for child-headed families and other neglected members of society here. Which I think is GREAT. Who doesn’t love buying a latte and feeling like you’ve just done one small thing to save the world?"

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  1. Anonymous1:07 AM

    I've been to endiro coffee, and i think its awesome. The service is fantastic. I like the pancakes, and i think they do the best. Try that with a hot chocolate, u won't know what hit u.

    I love the fact that Gloria is reaching out for the help less children. I talked to her once, and i think she's sweet, kind, so welcoming, smiles a lot too. She didn't know me but she gave me the best reception.

    I wish her and the endiro coffee team the best as they achieve their goals. be blessed.