Andrew Jones' C1-C6 "Informality Scale"

I appreciate Andrew's reflections on contextualization and his joining me in answering John McArthur's anti-contextualization rantings.  You can read what he's written yourself here.

Just for fun, you may also find his "Church Informality Scale" humorous.  Which best describes your church? Both churches that I pastor are somewhere between C3 and C4:

OK, a little off topic but still related:
Here is another kind of C1-C6 scale that I created to measure your church's formality or informality. Don't take it too seriously, but how would your church service rank?
C1 - Courtroom. The most formal. Assigned seating. Silence while being addressed by a robed official sitting higher than everyone.
C2 - Corporate business meeting. No agenda deviation. High dress code but more interactive.
C3 - Classroom. Orderly but interactive within boundaries. Semi-formal dress. Leadership from front.
C4 - Coffee Shop. Interactive but people seated and orderly.
C5 - Club. No seating. All casual dress. Fully interactive.
C6 - Children's birthday party. No dress code. Interactive games and activities. Food. Laughter. Gift-giving.

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  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    lol... I've only ever worked in a C2 - C3 context. I need to get out more.