Arrived in Hong Kong!

Thank you for your prayers.  The trip here to Hong Kong was a great one -- really, Cathay Pacific is the way to go.  And I've safely arrived at my old friends' (Yau and Kay) home in the city. It was truly a delight to see them after 6 years.  I'm encouraged by their strong faith in the Lord Jesus and that their love and affection for me hasn't faded.  Tomorrow they'll be going to work and I'll be wandering about the city alone -- trying to overcome jet lag and look for Nepalis.  Should be fun.  But in the evening, we'll celebrate the Moon Festival together with other friends Ryan and Carol.

Also, I just finished Skyping with my friend at the Nepal Bible Society.  He'll be having some friends hand carry Bibles and other materials to me here in HK from Nepal.  Pray that there will be no complications with that.  I'm especially excited to get my hands on the Bible Society's new "simple" Nepali Bible.  Should be a big hit with the Bhutanese-Nepalis.  I could still use your financial support to help purchase these items.  Take a look at the below links for that.

  • To make a gift of support for Cody's trip to Hong Kong to equip Himalayan Christian leaders click here!
  • To make a gift of support for the general ministry or to meet specific needs of TIBMclick here!

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