Those who want to stay - Nepali Times

Some questions are being raised now regarding those refugees in Nepal that do not want to be resettled in other nations. Many of them cannot conceive of another option that to return to Bhutan. This article claims that the eviction of Nepalis from Bhutan was the largest example of ethnic cleansing in modern times. I wonder why the international community is so uninterested?

Those who want to stay - Nepali Times: "It has been 20 years but Bhampa Rai still dreams every night of the orange orchard and the fields of cardamom of his ancestral farm in Banda bloc of the Samchi region of southern Bhutan.

Now 61 years old, Rai was forced out of Bhutan like 110,000 other refugees in 1990 and settled in camps run by the UNHCR in eastern Nepal. The fact that he was a medical doctor who used to treat members of the Bhutan royal family did not save him."

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