Resource on Human Trafficking Prevention: The FBI

I've just spent a bit of time exploring the FBI's Human Trafficking page.  It is a great resource to educate and begin to become engaged in helping to stop modern-day slavery.  If you've never visited the site, I think you should do so.

Among other things, the FBI offers the following tips for identifying trafficking victims:

That’s where you come in. Please keep your eyes out for the following indicators that suggest the possibility of human trafficking:
  • Individuals who have no contact with friends or family and no access to identification documents, bank accounts, or cash;
  • Workplaces where psychological manipulation and control are used;
  • Homes or apartments with inhumane living conditions;
  • People whose communications and movements are always monitored or who have moved or rotated through multiple locations in a short amount of time;
  • Places where locks and fences are positioned to confine occupants; and
  • Workers who have excessively long and unusual hours, are unpaid or paid very little, are unable take breaks or days off and have unusual work restrictions, and/or have unexplained work injuries or signs of untreated illness or disease.
Bear in mind: human trafficking victims can be found in many job locations and industries—including factories, restaurants, elder care facilities, hotels, housekeeping, child-rearing, agriculture, construction and landscaping, food processing, meat-packing, cleaning services…as well as the commercial sex industry.

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