Send me to Manila: Annual Meeting of the Global Diaspora Network

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Greetings friends, family and ministry supporters! 

I’m excited to let you know that God has provided an opportunity for me to make some cool trips this year.  The first one is coming up in March (18-23).  I’ll be heading to Manila, Philippines for the Global Diaspora Network advisory board meeting.  Many of you know that I’ve been serving with the GDN since its beginning (  The GDN is now focused on two major projects.  The first is planning a major international forum to be held in Manila in 2015.  The second is the creation of a compendium on diaspora mission which we intend to launch soon after the forum.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to play a key role in both in an effort to mobilize more and more Christians to engage in mission to, through, and beyond the scattered people of the world. 
Will you help me to make this upcoming trip to the Philippines? Unlike many of my colleagues in the GDN, I do not work for a major organization that is able to provide a travel budget.  So, I am dependent on your support to be able to travel to other nations to serve the Lord.  If you are willing to pray for and support this upcoming trip, please make a gift by visiting this link:

and selecting “Global Diaspora Network Meeting”.  The preset amount is for a gift of $25 but you can easily increase the amount by simply increasing the “quantity” on the order form.  As always, your gift is entirely secure and fully tax-deductible.  For your information, we estimate the total cost of the trip to be about $1800.

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