Fast from Violence this Lent

Image By LINUZ90
I deeply love this initiative being started by my friend, Rev. Gregory Livingston.

In response to the growing violence in Chicagoland (and in the world for that matter), Pastor Greg is calling especially upon followers of Christ to give up violence for Lent.  There are seven steps to this:

7 Point Anti-Violence Plan - LENT 2013 (February 13 - March 30)

1. Avoid: Alcohol, Cigarettes & Bad Food Choices.
2. Negative Media
3. Develop your Inner-Self through Prayer, Meditation & Centering
4. Replace Acts of Violence with Acts of Charity
5. Read Positive, Proactive & Redemptive Literature
6. Volunteer at your Local School, After School Program and/or Community Center
7. Have your Place of Worship sponsor a Youth Group/Activity

So, grab the flyer here for your church and get started today.

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  1. love the focus of this initiative. really gets at the heart of the matter much more than any gun rights or gun control laws can.