The World is Our Neighborhood

I've recently come across a very cool blog that I immediately subscribed to.  It is called "The World is Our Neighborhood" and is a very diaspora missions-focused blog written by Nathan and Rachel Harper who live and serve in the global mega city of Atlanta.  Anyway, I love what I'm seeing at the Harpers' blog and would especially direct your attention to some of the most recent posts.

1. Winter Links -- Here are 25 links to get you through the rest of the cold winter, grouped together by topic:  Diaspora Missions & Global Cities [1-8]; Books (reading list for GFM's disciple-making apprentices) [9-15];Family Discipleship Resources [16-18]; Missionary Blogs [19-21]; Recent Posts (from this blog) [22-25]; plus a few bonus links (sorry, can't help myself).

2. Bullet Points: Buddhism -- this is a great, short summary on Buddhism with missiological applications

Needless to say, I am very excited to see future posts by the Harpers.  I hope you will check out their blog today and become a subscriber.  By the way, I have included them in the "Diaspora Mission Twitter List" which you should also subscribe to.

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