Orlando 2011: What is Cruciformity in Diaspora Mission?

"The Babel Complex"
Today, if you are in Orlando for the Mission America Coalition's consultation, I invite you to come by the Diaspora Missions affinity consultation.  We are meeting in room 4 at Vision 360.  We have some great topics and presenters that will be sharing today.  Also, I will be sharing and I would really love for you to hear what the Lord has laid on my heart concerning the scattered people of the world.

The title of my presentation is "From Babel to Calvary: Pursuing Cruciformity in Diaspora Mission".  I will be speaking to the issue of how we can engage in diaspora mission in a way that is faithful and obedient to God's revealed will.  Again, I am not talking about being faithful by engaging in diaspora mission but being faithful in how we engage. I want to suggest today what I believe is the single greatest obstacle to this facing the Church today and present what I believe is the Biblical antidote.

So, if you have a heart for diaspora -- refugees, international students, migration, and more -- I invite you.  In addition to my presentation, I will be providing pre-publication copies of my full paper by the same name.  This is a 20+ pager, for free! Wahoo!

Now, if you can't come, that's cool also.  I would ask for your prayers.  I am a bit nervous.


  1. Thank you for praying and coming. If you want a copy of the paper, let me know. Things went so well today. Praise Jesus!

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      I would love to have a copy of your paper. I have worked with Latin American Diaspora in Europe and am going to be teaching a seminary class on Diaspora Missions. Can you tell me how to get you paper?

      Nolen Pridemore

    2. Hi Nolen, sorry for the delay. Yes, my paper has been published as a chapter in Enoch Wan's new book Diaspora Missiology. It is available on Amazon here