110 Tables. 28 Affinity Consultations, 3 Venues … : Phil's Blogs

My friend, Phil Miglioratti just posted this press release on his blog on Orlando 2011. It is a nice summary of the time here. I'll be writing my own reflections as soon as I can.

110 Tables. 28 Affinity Consultations, 3 Venues … : Phil's Blogs:

U.S. Leaders Seek Vision for Evangelism at Orlando 2011
Orlando, Fla., April 6 –- About 700 people are gathered in Orlando,
Fla. to seek God’s vision for evangelism in the next decade. Fueled by
the momentum of Cape Town 2010, the Lausanne Movement gathering of
4,000 leaders from 198 countries last Fall, the U.S. Lausanne
Committee / Mission America Coalition (MAC) has convened hundreds of
U.S. leaders, and some from other countries.
Twenty-eight separate “affinity consultation” groups are discussing
the issues the Church faces in carrying out the Great Commission and
will submit practical next steps following the Consultation. Their
topics span every arena of evangelism and missions from global justice
to creation care to Islam to mobilizing congregations in missions.
The event opened Monday with a prayer focus — participants around 110
tables prayed for humble Christ-like hearts.
“You could feel the vibe in the whole room as people from table to
table began to pray for each other. It was really exciting for me. A
great evening,” said Glenda Washington, of Jacksonville, Fla..
“This is what the Mission America Coalition is all about,” says Paul
Cedar, chairman, “bringing together leaders from all sectors of the
Body of Christ–denominations, ministry networks, city movements,
churches, evangelism and mission organizations–to humbly carry out
the Great Commission together. That’s why we began with an evening
devoted to prayer.”
Tuesday, Lon Allison, executive director, Billy Graham Center at
Wheaton College, gave the morning plenary address, “A Larger
Allison said many Christians fall into three camps of “Words, Works,
and Wonders,” but we need them all. “Both the Church and the world are
blessed by this fullness of God in action through us…in a tired
American world where modernity hopes have grown…disappointed.”
R. York Moore, national evangelist for Intervarsity Christian
Fellowship, delivered one of the responses to the plenary. “The long
history of our evangelical heritage placed too much emphasis on the
wrath of God and far too little on the wonder working power of God to
re-create the nations–to transform not only soul, but society as
well,” he said. ”Our hope is not in the destruction of the world but
in its re-creation.”
The event ends Wednesday. For the affinity consultation findings and
ongoing dialog on the topics, go to
For more information about the Mission America Coalition / U.S.
Lausanne Committee see For interviews, call
Susan Brill, director of communications, at (715) 559-1068

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