Orlando 2011: A Day Early

Hey everyone! Not too much to say right now.  I arrived safely in Orlando for the US Lausanne (a.k.a. Mission America Coalition) leadership consultation yesterday.  My wife, Katherine, and teammate, Jeri, arrived just a few minutes ago.  I spent most of yesterday just roaming around Orlando.  I drove near Disney, but couldn't afford to actually do anything.  Did walk around the shopping area -- that explains most of the pics.  I tried to take photos with my children's favorite characters.  Which was slightly awkward.

Last night I was blessed to have a chance to hang out with John and Jan Baxter and Sadiri Joy Tira who serve in the leadership of the Global Diasporas Network.  We extended our time through to this morning at Waffle House (yes!!!).  I feel more excited and encouraged about diaspora mission and what God is doing in the world among scattered people.  By the way, my title with the GDN has been changed from "strategist" to "catalyst".  So, that's cool.

My vision initially for my role is to "catalyze" a group of diaspora missions practitioners -- people in the field, so to speak -- who will begin to network together prayerfully, seeking direction from the the Lord on how we can best serve the Church in mission.

Okay, more to come.  Do follow my Tweets at!/codytibm.  It is easier for me to update that than to update the blog.  I will try to do both, of course.  And I request your prayers for my presentation on diaspora which will be on Wednesday.

If you are reading this from Orlando 2011, please let me know in the comment section and feel free to share your experiences.

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