Announcing Church Planter: The Video Game | The Resurgence

Note the link and excerpt below. Pretty sure this is an April Fool's Joke. Wish it wasn't, I'd enjoy making fun of it if it were a real game.

Announcing Church Planter: The Video Game | The Resurgence

Think God might be calling you to plant a church? What if you’re a 19-year-old undergrad, and planting is still years down the road? How do you prepare in the interim?
Introducing Re:Play, our new video game branch. On April 15, the Resurgence will release its first game: Church Planter, based off Pastor Darrin Patrick’s book. It gives the player hands-on training for what the trenches of ministry looks like as they learn to navigate the turbulent waters of religion in contemporary culture.
About the Game
Players will work their way out of their room and into the streets to find out what it's like to plant a church. You’ll have to find your pants, your Bible, a shirt with buttons, while battling temptations (old and new) along the way. Next, you'll need to gain knowledge of the Old and New Testaments while also studying prominent theologians across church history.
Once you’re grounded in your faith and good Bible teaching, you'll need to gather your core group and think about where to plant. Take a missiological survey of the city to see how you can be contextually relevant to your flock. You'll battle through the hardest parts of ministry as you start a church from the ground up while shepherding your wife and family, fighting the difficulties of working two jobs, and always looking to kill sin. Ministry is tough, and that's why you need training.


  1. As a Christian and a game developer who regularly attends the CGDC (Christian Game Developer Conference), I have to say that your beginning paragraph of commentary is a real discouragement. I understand that most "Christian" games are not very well done (generally from the lack of funding and support), but computer and video games can be a method of reaching people for Christ. Instead of "making fun" of games or cringing when you see a poorly made game trying to minister to the ever-growing population of gamers, how about praying for those who made the game? About supporting your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?

    The few Christian game developers have enough opposition, they don't need the Church to join ranks with the world in opposing their Christ-led calling to minister with games.

  2. (And yes, I do realize this article is based on an April Fool's joke.)

  3. Hey Katie. Thanks for your comments. I personally don't have anything against those who are trying to develop Christian video games - not that I know any. I've only seen one in my life and it was years ago. It was kind of cool. No, I was referring to making fun of the fictional game as it was humorously described above. I am a church planter, and I found the description of the game to be funny. I think it was intended to be funny. But, I suppose it is kind of an inside joke.

    So yeah, relax, I actually kind of like video games -- though I haven't found anyone willing to donate a Playstation to our ministry. I did recently notice that one of our interns has a Wii in her room. Waiting for a good time to sneak in there and play for a few hours.

    By the way, if you know of any good Christian video games out there, feel free to recommend them here. Especially if they are free and online.