Orlando 2011: The Most Important Moment of the Day for Me

The first full day of Orlando 2011 has drawn now to a close.  It was a fruitful day and I enjoyed it.  I'm not sure where to go with the post today, but I do want to share a couple thoughts.  The first is devotional -- probably the most important moment of the day for me.  The second is more positional.  That is, I want to highlight and support something that Bishop Hwa Yung said during his speech.

First, tonight Vonette Bright was honored by the Mission America Coalition for her work for the Lausanne Movement and the body of Christ.  She received a nice ovation and then addressed the assembly.  Most of what she said was focused on her late husband, Bill Bright.  She said something like, "To live with Bill Bright was awesome!" She went on from there and left me with a strong sense that here was a woman who had an immense love and respect for her husband and his walk with Christ.

As she spoke, I considered my own death.  I wondered what my wife would say about me.  I realized that if Katherine is ever going to be able to honestly speak thusly about me as her husband, I would need to radically change.  I need a revival as a husband and dad.  I need a revival as a lover of God.

Then Fernando Ortega shared some songs about sin and forgiveness and repentance.  Medicine.

Actually, perhaps it would be good for me to stop here.  Ponder this thought would you?  I will post something else on the day in a bit.

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