We need your support!

With no additional donations yesterday, we're still at 25% of our goal for the annual  Trinity International Baptist Mission team retreat.  Because of the busy nature of my weekend, I'm not going to be adding any additional prizes till Monday.  But we need your donations.  

During the past week, our team hosted a short-term mission team from Missouri, led prayerwalking in many key places in Chicagoland, conducted small group discipleship with all kinds of different folks, led worship services, preached the gospel, taught English to immigrants, and did much more.  

On the horizon, we are looking forward to new church-planting efforts, new initiatives among Muslim peoples, speaking and presenting at various venues, publishing papers and books to build up the Body of Christ, developing new strategies for training and equipping cross-cultural workers to start churches among refugees, and much more.

In addition, we are facing numerous challenges and spiritual attacks.  The team retreat will be a key time for us to seek the Lord about these matters as well as to catch our breath before a busy summer.  So, essentially, I'm asking you directly to support the ongoing mission of TIBM by giving a donation right now.  Your support in the past has allowed us to conduct this work since 2005.  Since that time, literally tens of thousands of lives have been impacted.  Churches have been planted, missionaries equipped and sent out, followers of Christ have been disciples, and souls have been saved.  

Please give your gift of support today in order to keep this work going!

You can make your donation using a credit or debit card right now using our secure Chip-in/PayPal system. As usual, whenever you make a donation to TIBM, it is fully tax-deductible and will be put to work for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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