Ricobene's: A Bhutanese-Nepali Pizza Review

I had occasion last week to take pick up a Bhutanese-Nepali guy from Midway airport here in Chicago.  Had a couple Nepalis with me and we were hungry and had time to kill.  So, we punched the work "Pizza" in my GPS and wandered around looking for a place to eat.  We ended up at a little place called "Ricobene's" We ordered a large, pan-crust, pepperoni and some chicken wings, and waited.

Well, the chicken wings were pretty awful, but this is a pizza review. On that front, it was a different story.  Ricobene's pizza was delicious. My Nepali companions were very impressed.  Here are the scores:

Critic 1: 3 Caesars
Critic 2: 3 Caesars
Critic 3: 4 Caesars

So, Ricobene's gets a record score of 3.33 Caesars! That will be tough to beat.

(A "Caesar" refers to a regular $5 pizza from Little Caesars. The question is, how many Caesars would you trade for one of these pizzas?)


  1. this Caesars rating thing is great! is there a certain number of Caesars that would be considered the highest rating or can the number be as high as the critic wants to go?

  2. As high as the pizza is worthy