Support our team retreat and you could win an ESV Study Bible!

I am busy this week getting ready to attend Orlando 2011 which is the U.S. regional follow up meeting to the historic 3rd Lausanne Congress.  I'll be speaking on diaspora mission and leading a table group at the Orlando gathering.  So do pray for that.  

In light of my busy week, I'm limiting the additions to the prize pot.  I'm adding something today and (hopefully) something later in the week.  Here's the thing, we are about half-way to our goal of raising $1,000 to fund a 3-day retreat for our TIBM staff.  As full-time, cross-cultural missionaries raising our own support, we just don't have that kind of money laying around.  So, we need your support to make it happen. 

Many of you reading this have a dollar, 5 dollars, $20, or even a couple hundred that you could sacrificially give to support this cause. With your gift, you get a chance to refresh some Christian workers who are giving their all for the Kingdom of Christ.  So, I strongly encourage you to give.  If you've already given, please encourage someone else to give by forwarding them this link.

Remember also, that if you give a donation of any amount, you will have a chance to win the entire prize pot below.  Plus, today, I am adding to that pot a slightly scuffed up English Standard Version Study Bible.  This is a really great, kind of heavy new study Bible produced by the fine people at Crossway Books.  I use it personally for my own study. So I can recommend it strongly.  What else could you win?  Just look at the list of things already in the pot:

For your chance to win, simply give a donation with your credit or debit card of any amount (really, any amount) using our secure Chip-in/PayPal system. As usual, whenever you make a donation to TIBM, it is fully tax-deductible and will be put to work for the Kingdom of God.

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