Gulliver's: A Bhutanese-Nepali Pizza Review

 Our second stop on my Chicagoland pizza tour -- in search of the perfect pizza for Bhutanese-Nepalis -- led me to "Gulliver's Pizza and Pub".  Gulliver's claims that its pan pizza is "famous".  I mean, it's even on the sign.  So, we stopped in and ordered it.

By "pan" they basically mean Chicago deep dish, which is fine.  However, their version of it seems to be famous for being kind of bad.  The pizza we received was . . . well . . . goupy, watery.  Kind of disgusting really.  I kind of hated the fact that my Bhutanese companions were experiencing deep dish for the first time at such a place.  I spent a great deal of effort trying to convince them that this by no means represents real Chicago deep dish.  Not sure if they believed me.

Well, the final analysis came down to our key question.  How many Little Caesar's pizzas would you trade for one of these Gulliver's pizzas?  Remember, Little Caesar's $5 "hot and ready" is the Bhutanese default pizza.  The answers:

Critic #1- 0.5
Critic #2- 0.5
Critic #3- 1

So, Gulliver's gives us our lowest score thus far, 0.6 Caesars!  Yikes, can't get much worse than that.  Another review coming soon.

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  1. Wow--maybe you should have taken them to Ginos or Lou Malanati's for deep dish before they experienced this tragedy. I also highly recommend Home Run Inn, although its not Chicago deep dish, it definitely is a Chicago classic. Connie's is good too--and they have a lunch buffet.