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Today I want to provide some links to some of the most interesting stuff I've seen posted around the web recently.  I'd like to start doing this regularly.  Let's see.  Let me get right to it:

  • The Deity of Christ Debate (Pt. 2) - Produced by the Jewish Voice Broadcast, this four-person debate is between 2 Trinitarians and 2 Unitarians. Only brief clips are provided here and they're broken up by pleas for financial support by JVB, but what is there is good.  I particularly enjoyed one moment when James White whipped out his iPad and utterly silenced Sir Anthony Buzzard who had been misrepresenting the Hebrew of Psalm 110.
  • Graham Crackers, Silverware & Rocking Chairs - Christian Historian Maxie Burch had a very interesting post a few weeks ago.  In it he shows how American Christian sectarianism has been responsible for giving us "Tony the Tiger".  Seriously.
  • From the Lausanne Movement Blog - there is a seemingly never-ending stream of good, inspiring stuff coming from this blog.  I suggest checking out 3 brief videos. One is something you may find useful in your own church. It features several church leaders from around the world saying the Lord's prayer in their heart languages.  Another gives some behind-the-scenes insight into the table groups at Cape Town 2010.  I have had many conversations with Lausanne delegates and leaders.  Another yesterday confirmed yet again that the use of table groups at the congress was the most universally appreciated and valued component of the entire event.  I believe there is a tremendous lesson for the Church in this, so check that video out.  A third video is simply an inspiring highlight video from the congress as a whole.  Finally from this blog, if you have participated in the congress in person or online, I suggest taking a look at Jon Hirst's posts (pt. 1, pt. 2) about debriefing.  
  • 10 Things I Learned About Myself at Cape Town - Mary DeMuth is a fellow U.S. Lausanne delegate that I met in Dallas and then saw again several times in Cape Town.  I like this post. She wrote another featuring 20 things she learned about God in Cape Town.  
  • From the Lausanne Global Conversation - Just yesterday, my good friend and co-worker, Talargie Tafesse and I were commenting about how deeply impressed we both are with the missiology of Latin America.  Neither of us really have anything to do with Latin America, but the more I get to know about missions and missiology arising from that region of the world, the more convinced I am that God is doing a truly remarkable thing.  On that note, I commend to you this video of Samuel Escobar and Rene Padilla sharing at Cape Town as two of the great fathers of Latin American missiology.  Also, preparations are getting underway for the U.S. Lausanne follow-up meeting in Orlando, Florida in April 2011.  Information is posted here. I will also point you to one of the most powerful presentations of Cape Town, this one on the subject of HIV/AIDS.
  • Cell Phones and the Brave New World of Hyperinformation - I'm always encouraged to see the Church engaging this incredibly important information .  John Armstrong shares some information stats here.  I also really like what John says about contextualization and Native Americans in this post.
  • How to Plant a Church - Ed Stetzer featured this ironic video on his blog. I thought it was funny.
  • From Answering Muslims - as usual, the Acts 17 folks have dug up some mind-blowing stuff to share with us.  Check out this article about British schoolboys who were punished in school for not praying in Islamic fashion.  And then there is the stunning "raisin-defense" from ABC news that David Wood capably responds to.
Okay, so that's what I have for you today.  Hopefully going to get some more posts written for the coming days.  I trust these will keep you busy on the web for a while.


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