Christocentric Satsang: Baj Pawaantam (Bhajan)

"Bhaj Paawantam" by Anil Dev

Here is a demonstration of how to play and sing the Hindi-langugage bhajan (devotional song) called "Bhaj Paawantam".  This is a song written by Anil Dev and frequently performed by the musical group Aradhana.  I play and sing it in a way that is simpler than Aradhana's version and have used it in worship with Hindi and Nepali speakers of Hindu backgrounds. Though it is in Hindi, the Hindi is simple enough to be readily understood by Nepalis.

This particular recording is intended for demonstrative purposes for those seeking to learn how to lead contextualized Christocentric satsangs (worship gatherings) among Hindu peoples. I’ve included an example of how changing the tempo mid-song can be used; however most will want to just sing the whole song slowly. Also, I’ve not sung all the verses.  I've also provided here a version by the Adhyathma Vatika that is a bit more classical in flavor.

Lyrics and Chords (my chords):

Bhaj paawantam Yeshu naam,
Cadd9         D     Cadd9    Em
Yeshu naam, jay Yeshu naam
Yeshu naam, mangal naam (2X)
Cadd9         D        Cadd9    Em
Yeshu naam, jay Yeshu naam
[Yeshu naam paawan naam
Yeshu naam meetaa naam
Yeshu naam pyaaraa naam
Yeshu naam sundar naam]
(capo 2)

English Translation:

Let’s meditate upon the name of Jesus
Jesus’ name, victorious name
Jesus’ name, wonderful (mangal) name
Jesus’ name, victorious name.
(Other verses: paawaana=great, pyaara=lovely, meetaa=sweet, sundar=beautiful)

“I’d like to say a special word of thanks to anil yesudas and his organization, Adhyathma Vatika, for the teaching, mentoring and encouragement that I have received in my own pursuit of contextualization and walk with the Lord Jesus.  So many of the resources that we utilize in our Christocentric Satsangs are things that I learned from Anilji.  His tireless and faithful work as a devotee of the Lord Sri Jesus Christ in the Indian cultural context is a true inspiration and excellent example for anyone who desires to imitate the incarnation of our great God and Savior.  I strongly and unhesitatingly recommend the work of Brother Yesudas and encourage all to visit his website.”

Rev. Cody C. Lorance

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