Christocentric Satsang: Confession Series (Mantra)

The following series of three mantras provide a beautiful means of practicing corporate confession.  It is challenging to master, but well-worth the practice.  We use this series every week in our Nepali Satsang to the great enrichment of all.  The preferred mode is to chant this series corporately in unison.

I have provided below written forms of these mantras in Sanskrit  (Romanized) along with Nepali and English translations.  A second video is included also that features these and other recitations in order to show one good way to close a Christocentric Satsang. This video is subtitled, but I have not provided translations below. I will do so in the future.

{kek izkFkZuk
Schamaa Praarthanaa
vkokgua u tkukfe ] u tkukfe foltZua
iwtk fof/k u tkukfe ] {kE;rke ijes'oj
ea=ghua  fØ;kghua ] HkfDrghua lqjs'oj
;Riwftra ;h'kw nsok ] ifjiw.kZa rnLrw eas

लुका १८:१३
Luke 18:13
शालोम भो इश्वर्
प्रसीद मे पापी नह

{kek ;kpuk
Schamaa Yaachanaa
ikiks·e~ ikidekZue~ ikikRek ikilHkao%
=kgh eke~ d`i;k nsok 'kj.kkxr~ oRly%
ikiks·e~ ikidekZue~ ikikRek ikilHkao%
ikgh eke~ ;h'kq nsok loZ iki gjks gj%

Romanized Sanskrit:
Schama Prarthana
awahanam na janami, na janami visarjanam,
puja vidhi na janami, shamyatam parameshwara,
mantrahinam kriyahinam, bhaktihinam sureshwara,
yatpujitam yesudeva, paripurnam tadastume.

Luke 18:13
Shalom, bho Ishwara
Praseeda mei paapi na huun

Schama Yachana
papoaham papkarmanam papatma papasambhavaha
trahi mam kripaya deva sharanagata vatsalaha
papoaham papkarmanam papatma papasambhavaha
pahi mam Yeshu deva sarva pap haro haraha

Romanized Nepali:
Kesari topaiko upastityma ownchoo, ma jaan daina
Kesari fery sansaarma jaanchoo, ma jaan daina
Kesari topailai pujan garchoo, ma jaan daina
Parmeshwar, malai schaama garnuhos.
Mero mantra chaina
Mero ramro kaam chaina
Mero bhakti chaina, hey Sureshwar
Tara pani, ma topaiko upastityma ownchoo ra Yeshulai pujan garchoo
Kripaya, topai malai paripurna garnuhos – tathasthu.

Shanti, hey Ishwar
Topai malai kripaya deenuhos
Ma paapi huun

Jaanmadwara, karmadwara, aatmama, ra sambandama ma paapi huun.
Kripaya Deva, ma topaiko sharanma naniko karitraanusar ownchoo.
Jaanmadwara, karmadwara, aatmama, ra sambandama ma paapi huun.
Yeshu Deva, ma topaiko upastaityma ownchoo, mero papharu laijanuhos.

English Translation:
I do not know how to come;
I do not know how to depart;
I do not know any rituals;
God, please forgive me;
I am devoid of words;
I am devoid of works;
I am devoid of devotion, my good Lord;
Still I come to worship you, Jesus;
Please make perfect my shortcomings

Peace, oh God
Have mercy on me, a sinner

I am a sinner by birth, I am a sinner by deeds.
My soul is depraved by sin; I am conceived in sin.
Lord, be merciful to me, I come as a child.
I am a sinner by birth, I am a sinner by deeds.
My soul is depraved by sin; I am conceived in sin.
Lord Shri Jesus, I come to you, take away all my sins.

These chants have been taken from the booklet “Christocentric Satsang”, compiled by anil yesudas. “Christocentric Satsang” contains chants in Sanskrit, with translations in Hindi and English. These booklets are available through the website Adhyathma Vatika.
For the sake of our Nepali and Bhutanese friends, in this blog, I have added translations in Nepali.

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