Christocentric Satsang: Pracheen Pratanah (Mantra)

Known simply as the “Ancient Prayer” (Pracheen Pratanah), the following mantra is used weekly in our Nepali and Hindi Christocentric Satsangs.  You may have noticed that I have also included this mantra in the “Gaytri Series”, but I’m also providing it here in an alternate style.  As it is presented here, the mantra may be chanted corporately in unison or in a “call and repeat” style.  We commonly use the latter in which the leader will say a line and then the congregation will repeat that line in the same tone. In all, I have found that utilizing a combination of unison, “call and repeat”, and “call and respond” styles has a nice effect on the overall balance and beauty of the satsang.

I have provided below written forms of these mantras in Sanskrit followed by Nepali and English translations (Devanagari and Romanized). 

çkphu çkFkZuk 

Ancient Prayer  
vlrks ek lr~xe;
relks ek T;ksfrZxe;
e`R;ksZ ek ve`raxe; A

Romanized Sanskrit:
asato ma satgamaya
tamaso ma jytotirgamaya
mrithyor ma amritamgamaya

Romanized Nepali Translation:
Asatyabaata satyama,
Andakaarbaata jyotima,
Mrithyobaata amritama chootownahos

English Translation:
Lead me from falsehood to Truth
Lead me from darkness to Light
Lead me from death to Eternal Life

These chants have been taken from the booklet “Christocentric Satsang" compiled by anil yesudas. “Christocentric Satsang” contains chants in Sanskrit, with translations in Hindi and English. These booklets are available through the website adhyathmavatika.orgFor the sake of our Nepali and Bhutanese friends, in this blog, I have added translations in Nepali.

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