Christocentric Satsang: Acts 4:12 (Mantra)

Ours is a Christocentric Satsang in that we seek to magnify and give devotion to Prabhu Sri Yeshu (The Lord Jesus Christ) in all that we do.  For this reason, every week we recite Acts 4:12 as a constant reminder to all that salvation can only be found in the Lord Jesus.  In our Nepali Satsang, we recite the passage in English, Nepali and Sanskrit.  The Sanskrit is chanted in a “call and repeat” style in which the leader reads a line or word and the congregation repeats it.
I have provided below written forms of this mantra in Sanskrit. I have also provided English and Nepali translations in Romanized script.
Acts 4: 12
u p fo|rs·U;fLeu~ dfLeéfi ifj=k.ka]
ukfi okLR;U;r~ fdefi uke LoxZL;k/kks
euq";sH;ks nRra ;íOjkLekfHk% ifj=k.ka izkIrO;e~ A

Romanized Sanskrit:
na cha vidyathenasmin kasminapi pritranam
naapi vastyanyat kimapi naam savarga syadho
manushyebhyo dattam yaddyavrasmabihi
pritranam praptavyam

Romanized Nepali:
Aroo kasaima mukti chaina
Kinaki hamile mukti paunalai
Suurgamunni manisharuma
Arko konainow deako chaina

English Translation:
Salvation is found in no one else
For there is no other name under heaven
Given among men by which
We must be saved

These chants have been taken from the booklet “Christocentric Satsang”,compiled by Anil Yesudas. “Christocentric Satsang” contains chants in Sanskrit, with translations in Hindi and English. These booklets are available through the website adhyathmavatika.org.
For the sake of our Nepali and Bhutanese friends, in this blog, I have added translations in Nepali.

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