Post-Congress Report

I've just arrived home after a seriously long set of flights from Cape Town to Chicago.  Ready to shower, chill, and hang with the family.  My personal report on things will come. I actually have 2-3 articles that I want to post in the next couple days on issues related to diaspora, contextualization, unity in the Church, etc.  For now, I want to share with you a brief video report produced by Lausanne.  I think you'll enjoy watching it.

And, in case you are wondering, my last day in Cape Town was spent mostly in prayer-filled and Christ-centered fellowship with a couple fellow Christ-followers -- one of whom is my new, ridiculously charismatic sister from Uganda!  Ate some pizza, visited Camps Bay, saw a whale playing in the water, watched the sun go down, nearly got into a fight with a homeless man, was called a "bad white man" by another. All in all, it was peaceful and joyful.  A really good way to end my trip.

So, be patient and I'll start posting some more meaty stuff. Blessing and thanks so much for your prayers for me all during my trip!

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