I was at Lausanne 3.

I realize that some of you  are waiting for me to post something. I didn't post yesterday and cannot really do so today either.  The reason in both cases has everything to do with the weightiness of God, the continued reverberation of His voice, the enduring heat of His presence.

In short, I'm just not ready yet.

Please be patient. Thanks be to the Lord, that in his kindness, He's given me now two full days of resting before Him before I leave Cape Town and head back home. A friend told me that margins are important in life. Be sure to make them wide.

I'll get to do a bit of site-seeing tomorrow with a dear professor from my Wheaton days. I believe it will provide a tremendous opportunity to process.  Thank you for your continued prayers for my sake and for this great Congress in which God gathered, spoken to, and blessed His Church. Please don't stop now.

Grace and Peace.

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