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Hey everyone! Well, I'm off to Cape Town, South Africa TODAY to participate in the 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization along with some 4000 other Christian leaders from practically every nation.  And before I go, I want to encourage you all to follow my updates from the Congress.  I plan to work hard to feed information, news, and my own reflections and experiences back to you on a daily basis while I am gone. So, here are all the ways that you can keep up with things:

1. This Blog -- the Ramblings Blog will be the primary place that you can go to receive updates.  I am a part of the official Lausanne Bloggers Network, so I will definitely be posting here daily.  Become a follower of this blog by subscribing (easiest way to do that is using the "follow" button on the upper left of this page) and you will get daily updates. I will be posting text, pictures and possibly video as well.  Also, Katherine will be updating the prayer blog while I'm gone.  You may have already noticed the headlines from that blog that run across the top of this page.

2. My Twitter -- follow my twitter feed which I will be able to update a few times daily, with what's going on here in Cape Town.

3. My Facebook -- I will be trying to post pictures and video on my Facebook whenever possible.

4. Lausanne Global Conversation -- always the best place for Cape Town stuff, I have my profile which already includes a number of articles and resources.  Create your profile today and get access to free videos from the congress as well as the ability to interact with the global Church.

If you are already following me on these channels, please do invite a friend (or 100) to do the same.  I am aware of the fact that I may be completely insane, but I am fully convinced that Cape Town 2010 is perhaps the most important work God is doing in the world in 2010 and that it is the most important thing I've ever personally been a part of.  As I told someone the other day, if I could conceive of something more important for God's Kingdom to be a part of, I would go and do that.  Please pray for me, please follow my updates -- let's expect God to do great things.

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