Scattered and Gathered in My House

We are big fans of making the most of space that we have.  Our home has been very well-stewarded during the past decade that we've been in Chicagoland.  Today was just a nice, cool example that I felt like sharing with you:

At one point today, the upstairs of our little house was devoted to training Karen S'gaw younger leaders.  Katherine (my wife, in case you didn't know) has been taking time regularly to meet with these cool folks to teach them how to take care of their church finances.  They have been eager learners and It's encouraging to see one of our diaspora church plants investing real responsibility and ministry into the next generation.
Meanwhile downstairs, TIBM's research team was busy working to finish "Stage 1" of our four-part diaspora people group research and mobilization plan for Chicagoland.  We're working on a list of priority people group clusters and multicultural residential patches (think Move In, because we are).  The list is nearly complete after today's blitz.  So, here's senior interns Abby and Andy along with my oldest son, Christopher (the one shoving a donut into his face).  Christopher rocks the missiological research pretty darn good for a 10-year-old!

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