Chicago's New American's Plan: The Most Immigrant-Friendly City in the USA!

Image by City of Chicago

If you haven't heard, Chicago's political leaders and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have set a goal of making the city "the most immigrant-friendly city in the country".  Their plan is designed to make Chicagoland the premiere immigration hub in the United States and even to stimulate a "race to the top" to inspire other cities to become more welcoming to foreign-born peoples.

I know the plan isn't perfect, but I'm so excited about it and the implications of this initiative for mission.  Once again, I must sound the call to local churches, ministries, denominations, and Christian organizations.  Are you up to speed with what God is doing in Chicagoland? Are you ready for the "human tidal wave" that is coming?

I'm including a video webinar below which features Adolfo Hernandez, Director, Chicago’s Office of New Americans, explaining some of the details for the Chicago New American's plan.  The total video is about an hour long, but Hernandez' presentation is only about the first 18 minutes.  Or, if you prefer, just check out the written summary of the plan available here.

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