Meet Cultural Intelligence Ambassador, Wilbur Sargunaraj - @wilburworldwide

Today, I want to ensure that all of my readers have been properly introduced to my new friend, Mr. Wilbur Sargunaraj.  Wilbur is known around the world as "India's First YouTube Star" and has several million views on his YouTube channel to prove it.  He's gained his "Simple Superstar" status first through great comedy and music, but I am discovering that this is only the tip of the iceberg for Mr. Wilbur!

What I love most about Wilbur is his role as a global ambassador for "Cultural Intelligence" (CQ).  CQ is a concept that comes from David Livermore, who's book Serving with Eyes Wide Open is something I've recommended for years.  In his passion to bring equality and unity in the context of an increasingly globalized and diverse world, Wilbur is traveling the world on a mission to raise up "First Class" world citizens who know how to engage cross-culturally and treasure people from all backgrounds.

As I've been getting to know Mr. Wilbur recently, I have been delighted to find a man of deep humility who is passionately seeking to use his gifts to make the world a better place.  I find the Lord giving me a deep appreciation and respect for the work he is doing and know that you will also.

Here's a quick introduction "Wilburwood" --

Wilbur's most popular music video: Love Marriage:

A couple very popular CQ videos on how to use Indian, European and Japanese toilets (worlds apart):

The trailer for Wilbur's upcoming feature film, Simple Superstar:

And, most importantly, get a taste of Wilbur's heart for critical global issues by watching "Why Poverty":

I would also encourage you to check out Mr. Wilbur on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I saw that his upcoming movie was being filmed by the young man who did the music videos for Aradhna. I first saw his eastern style latrine video over a year ago, his humor and positive attitude are extremely enjoyable!

    1. Wilbur is in Japan right now, I believe. Did you watch his instructional film on Japanese toilets. I think you'll appreciate it.