My Son's 1st Lecture on Diaspora Missiology

Our ten-year-old, Christopher, made his missiological debut last night at Trinity International Baptist Mission with his first ever presentation/lecture on diaspora missions. His presentation focused on diasporas in Africa. (update here)

Christopher did a stellar job, conducting a bunch of research in order to create lists of African nations based on largest percentage of diaspora population, largest total diaspora population, and most unevangelized people. In the end he created country profiles for six nations he deemed most strategic for diaspora mission work and made a number of suggestions for future mission work.

I will share a link to the presentation when I get a chance. For now I'm just a proud dad. Several comments made following his presentation were along the lines of how similar Christopher's way of presenting was like A. Scott Moreau. I would agree. Christopher is very methodical, a big fan of gathering data and making lists. That's great because I'm not really like that at all. I'm more of a pondering and prophetic type. Lord willing, we'll make a great team going forward.

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