As close as Timbuktu

Photo By Ben Haggis
I'm in a meeting.

This is a meeting that happens a few times a year-a gathering for leaders of local Baptist associations. I am here representing the leadership of Chicago Metro Baptist Association. As I sit here, trying to listen to the speaker, I keep thinking about Timbuktu.

Actually, I remember that one of the last times I heard Timbuktu used metaphorically was in one of these meetings. Do you know what I mean? We talk about things being as "far away as Timbuktu". Growing up, "Timbuktu" was a word that meant essentially "no place". I remember that in one of these meetings last year someone used a phrase like "as far away as Timbuktu". At the time I had just heart about how bad things were getting in Mali. In particular, the actual Timbuktu had been seized by Muslim extremists. I remember wanting to shout out, "wait a minute!!! Timbuktu is a real place with real people!"

So I am feeling like that again today. I just read today over at the iBenedictines blog that Timbuktu has been freed, but not without great cost. I encourage you to click over and read up on this very real place that The Lord deeply cares about.


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