Christopher's Presentation on Diaspora in Africa

I told you yesterday about my son's debut lecture on diaspora missiology.  Well, as promised, I wanted to make available his presentation and a little video that we shot that night (cuts off at the end, so you miss the last few minutes).  Let me stress that this is more than mere scrapbooking. Christopher's presentation actually contains some really good information and models pretty well the kind of missiological thinking we need much more of.  Consider his pattern which involves:

  1. Defining key terms and concepts
  2. Theological reflection
  3. Data gathering and analysis
  4. Missiological conclusions drawn and practical actions suggested
Nice work, eh?

Well, without further ado, here is the video.  You can also download his PowerPoint here.


  1. Excellent presentation! I was surprised to learn of the many Gujarati people living in Uganda. Do you know what city(cities) they are located - Kampala, Jinja? Also, how old is Christopher?

    1. My sister lives in Kampala and has shared with me that there is a significant South Asian population there. However, the sources from which Christopher derived his data don't get that specific. Lord willing, I will be traveling there later in the year to investigate just this question. Christopher is 10.

  2. Christopher, the Steele family loves you. It is so hard to believe I snuggled you on a couch in Oklahoma as a baby and now you are giving presentations!!! just crazy

    1. Thank you, Auntie Crystal (I think). We will see you in April. Much love!