What is the "theology of a gangsta"?

On the road today and had a great conversation with a friend about the concept of "Gangsta Theology". It was intriguing to hear what he had to say about how theistic gang-culture is. Welli encouraged him to write something about it and I hope the results will make it to this blog eventually. For now, I'm curious whether any of you have insights on this. I've tried to boil this down into some specific questions, but I can't quite formulate them. Perhaps you can?

If this topic interests you, let me encourage you to check out what my friend, Pastor Gregory Seal Livingston, is doing to engage violence with the hope of Christ this Lent. Read more here:

"Fasting From Violence" -- Lent 2013

Okay, talk to me about violence and Jesus. What does it mean to bring good news in an increasingly violent world?

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