Camping Devotees trying to Explain Away their FAIL

Evangelist Harold Camping's failed prediction that the world would end May 21 prompted humorous protests like this one Saturday outside the Oakland, Calif., offices of his Family Radio. But it's too soon to tell how Camping's followers will cope with the failed prophecy.Here's the first I've seen of post-"rapture-fail" statements from Camping-devotees. Follow the link below - looks like the stage is being set to say that it was a "spiritual" judgment and that now the world will really end in October.

Doomsday Believers Cope With An Intact World : NPR: "'God is God; God's going to do what he has to do,' he says.

True, he says, believers got some of the details wrong. But the thrust of the message is right.

'Judgment Day has come and passed, but it was a spiritual judgment on the world,' he explains. 'There is no more salvation. Salvation is over with. The fact is we have 153 days, and on the 21st of October, the world will end.'"

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