Survival Skills for Scattered People: Dealing with Death

This Sunday at TriEak Parmewshwar Mandali - "Survival Skills for Scattered People: Answering Questions about Death" 

This Sunday, we will talk about the issue of death.  We will discuss what you have to do to prepare for death, funerals, and more.  Most importantly, we will talk about how to prepare spiritually for death.  We will answer the following questions:
  • 1.       How can we pay for death expenses?
  • 2.       What about donating organs?
  • 3.       What is the first thing we should do if someone in our family dies?
  • 4.       Who will help us to make plans when someone dies?
  • 5.       Will I become a ghost when I die if there is a problem with my funeral?
  • 6.       How can I be sure I will go to heaven when I die?

Please tell everyone in your family to be sure to come to satsang this week as we study this important topic.

Jay Masih!

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