Quick Post: Encouraged to Lead this Team

Hey, just a quick post today to ask for your support for a really great group of cross-cultural servants here in Chicagoland.  I've just spent the last several hours reading, responding to, and praying through the monthly reports of the people who make up Trinity International Baptist Mission.  It isn't all roses, that's for sure.  But, I am struck and deeply encouraged.

Actually, I've been in kind of a funk lately, but reading through these reports has been quite a boost.  They have provided an excellent reminder today that I am not alone in this ministry.  Sometimes I (sinfully) allow myself to feel that way.  But here is the biggest thing for me:

Every single day, the people that make up this team are in the lives of others.  They are serving them, meeting their felt needs, sharing Christ, and discipling them.  Nonbelievers are softening towards the gospel, new Christians are getting stronger -- lives are being changed, even saved.  Every day.  It isn't a thousand churches planted each year.  It is just small, simple, flawed mission.  But it is making a tremendous difference.

I listened to a young woman this week share with me about her walk with the Lord.  I had baptized this former Hindu and her husband a year ago.  As she talked about her prayer life especially, the thought flooded in: "Here is a woman whose life is actually being transformed by the Lord."

It is simple and perhaps unimpressive.  But I rejoice in it.  Today, I'm just reminded that my teammates are doing this kind of stuff every day.  Some did it today.

Coming up in May, this team will drive to a little cabin in Michigan for 3 days of rest, prayer, renewal, and my famous grilling.  We need to raise the money for this trip.  Will you help us? If so, please use the ChipIn widget below to make a secure, PayPal-based, tax-deductible donation of any amount.  Blessings!

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