Bhansala of India Ethnic People Profile

At TIBM, we have adopted for prayer the unreached and unengaged Bhansala people of India. I invite you to pray for them for 2 minutes today. You can find their Joshua Project profile here:

Bhansala of India Ethnic People Profile

Here's a prayer for you to pray:

Lord, You own everything. The earth is Yours, and everyone on it. You open doors that no man can shut. You are sovereign. If You are for us, no one can be against us. Lord of the Harvest, please send out workers to reach out to the Bhansala Of India.  Lord, I ask that Your favor would give them access to people and places that are impossible to reach. Let Your favor smooth the path before them, and open doors for them that no man can shut. Let Your wind be at their back today, Lord and enable them to push forward the cause of Christ among the Bhansala Of India.

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