Best Practices for Reaching People Groups

Truth be told, I spent most of my time in meetings today rather than enjoying the official proceedings of the North Central States Rally here in Indianapolis.  However, I did get to enjoy participating in a little panel discussion entitled "Best Practices for Reaching People Groups."  Though brief, we had a good discussion with a number of church leaders about discovering and reaching out to various people groups in their contexts.  And, well, since I have nothing of much pith nor wit to share tonight, let me share some of the resources from that session.

1. You can go to this page if you'd like to download a copy of the powerpoint presentation that Dr. Van Kicklighter prepared for the session.  

2. I shared a few web-based tools designed to help you discover people groups in your context.  Here they are:

3. Beyond this, I was asked if I had written other things that might be available.  I will direct you to my Lausanne Conversation page for a bunch of stuff.  Also, you can check out the following:
Finally, don't forget that you can invite me to speak/teach at your church or conference.  Just keep in mind that I only fly first class and prefer my grapes peeled.  

That was a joke.

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