Statelessness in Nepal

I've been highlighting the same article now for three days. I hope you have read it by now. I believe fully that the Church should be engaged in this issue, to understand and respond in holistic missional action.

FACTBOX-Stateless groups around the world | News by Country | Reuters: "NEPAL: Official figures show 800,000 people do not have confirmed nationality and cannot access key services. However, the UNHCR believes the figure is far higher. Married women cannot get a citizenship certificate without the approval of their husband or father-in-law and women married to foreigners cannot pass citizenship to their children. The U.N. refugee agency fears a proposed new constitution could exacerbate statelessness. There is also a large stateless population from neighbouring Bhutan, which expelled over 100,000 people of Nepali origin in the early 1990s after stripping them of citizenship. They are also refused citizenship in Nepal. Many have been resettled in the United States."

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