This is what we've been searching for!

In the shadow of Duke University is a thick forest of tall pines, lush magnolias, and naked winter oaks.  Dispersed among them is a surprising band of bamboo trees -- yes, bamboo.  I've found this to be an apt metaphor for the hidden diaspora of Bhutanese-Nepalis that now call Durham, North Carolina, home.  Six or seven houses are hardly enough to capture the attention or imagination of many followers of Christ, but they are here.  Like those bamboo trees, overlooked and unexplainable.

Symbol of God's Omnipresence
Our couple days here have been enlightening.  As many of you know, I have been blessed to have been welcomed into the inner sanctum of the family relationships of many Bhutanese through the formation of numerous brother-sister covenant bonds.  I get to be a strange and surprising brother, son, uncle, nephew.  From this insider perspective, I've learned so much and have become privy to a point-of-view that few Americans get to see.  I very frequently get to hear how the Bhutanese talk about their American and Christian contacts after the latter have left the house.  And, well, I have some stories.

The other day I heard from a family that had deep interest in Christ.  They strongly considered following Him when they arrived in the US but backed away after an encounter with one Christ-follower who, in their minds, had called them "Satan."  I assume the Christian had no idea he had come across in that way.  But so he did and the family's interest in knowing Jesus ceased.

Today, another conversation with another Bhutanese man.  We spoke for only a few minutes as I presented an incarnational message about Jesus.  Instead of attacking his culture or worldview, I presented a positive view of Jesus in Nepali cultural clothing.  We entered into dialogue together.  After some time, the man said the following:

"You have said only a little, but I have understood a lot.  This is what we've been searching for."

This isn't the only time we've heard such sentiment on this trip.  The Spirit of God has worked very powerfully to tear down walls of misunderstanding and, through the pursuit of contextualization, Christ has walked right into the homes and hearts of people who've previously never let him anywhere near.

As I contemplate it all, I am convinced that God's Spirit desires to do much more.  Pray for us that we may discern His will as we move forward as a ministry.  Also, I must remind you of how important it is that we have your continuing financial support.  The widget below is one of many ways in which we need your support:

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