Christocentric Bhutanese- A Diaspora Journey

Well, I can't really share much information in this forum.  I will say that, in case you didn't know, I'm in the midst of a kind of missionary journey right now.  Couple days in.  Packed up my car with stuff, my son, my co-worker Sarah, 2 Nepali sisters and 1 Nepali father and left the Chicago area on Monday.  Spent the day in Louisville, KY.  House to house among several Bhutanese-Nepali families with a local cross-cultural worker.  Did a Christ-centered worship service in the evening.  We followed the pattern of a Nepali-style "satsang." You can learn more about that by clicking the keyword "satsang" below.

Anyway, it was a great joy to worship along with some wonderful families last night.  Mostly, they had little experience with Christ before, so it was a great introduction for them.  We have many invites to return.

Now we're in Durham, NC.  I have a sister (Bhutanese) here.  Tomorrow, we will have a special time to pray for, thank God for, and bless her new baby.  The family here is very, very excited that we've come.  I've even been asked to repeat the same ministry for a relative of theirs in another city.

I'm excited always to be with new Bhutanese-Nepali families and to love them and be loved by them.  Introducing them to Christ through incarnational, contextual means is a delightful experience that always leaves me feeling tremendously blessed.  I remember Christ's own incarnation.  Through the incarnation, God was able to walk right into town, right up to the door, right into the house, hearts and lives of people.  Defenses down, they are able to just have an honest and intimate encounter with the Lord of the universe.  The incarnation still seems to work that way.

Well, enough.  As I engage in this diaspora-focused missionary journey, I want to remind you that I need your help to get to the upcoming Global Diasporas Network meeting next month.  This international consultation is by invitation-only and I am excited to bring our ministry to the table.  Please support me going and partnering with these brothers and sisters from around the world for the cause of Christ among the people on the move.

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