Bhutanese-Nepali Christmas Program Dance

Here's the first video that has appeared on YouTube from our recent Bhutanese-Nepali Christmas program hosted by TriEak Parmeshwar Mandali in Glen Ellyn, IL. This performance is by Dhanisha from Rochester, New York. The dance is a great example of a traditional Nepali folk song. Enjoy!

Again, thanks to all for praying for the program. It was a big success. We had probably 200 or so people in attendance from all over Chicagoland and beyond. The program was 3-4 hours of singing, dancing, drama, food, games, and sharing a message of who Jesus Christ is.  I will post more video as it becomes available.

Blessings and Jay Sri Yeshu Masih!


  1. So nice! My heart is moved as I think about this Christmas program in light of Acts 17:25-28. I'm particularly struck by His nearness to all of us - our Bhutanese-Nepali friends, TIBM, and others that we know and love. I'm so grateful for that nearness! Looking forward to seeing more videos as they come - hope it was a wonderful time for your family and for TPM. Blessings!

  2. Yes, it was a great time, Jeri. Very tiring though.