Christocentric Satsang: Gaytri Series (Mantra)

In our Nepali and Hindi Christocentric Satsangs, the following series of mantras is used near the beginning of our worship times.  The series combines two classic Sanskrit mantras well-known by Hindus throughout the world with additional recitations that point to the Triune Godhead (TriEak Parmeshwar) as the fulfillment of these ancient prayers. 

As presented in this video, the mantras are best chanted corporately, in unison.  I have provided below written forms of these mantras in Sanskrit followed by Nepali and English translations (Devanagari & Romanized). 

Xkk;=h ea= 
Gayatri Mantra

HkwHkZwo Lo%
rr~ lforqoZjs.k;a
HkxksZ nsoL; /khefg
f/k;ks ;ks u% izpksn;kr~ A

f=,d ijes'oj Xkk;=h ea=
(Triune God Gayatri Mantra)
Jh ijefirk ijes'oj foí;es
ijeiq= f/kefg
rUuks ijekRek izpksn;kr~

çkphu çkFkZuk 
Ancient Prayer  
vlrks ek lr~xe;
relks ek T;ksfrZxe;
e`R;ksZ ek ve`raxe; A
'kkykse~ ;h'kqa ' AA

Romanized Sanskrit:
bhur bhuva svaha
Tat Savitur varenyam
bhargo Devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo naha prachodayat

Sri Param Pita Parmeshwara vidhyame
Param Putra dhimahi
tanno Param Atma prachodayaat

asato ma satgamaya
tamaso ma jytotirgamaya
mrithyor ma amritamgamaya
shalom Yeshum sharanam

Romanized Nepali Translation:
Hey pratbi, akash, ra swargko Sristikarta
Topaile jyoti sanga lagaunu bayo
Hami topaiko jyotimathi dhyan gardaychoo
Topai hamra pratibhaharu doryaunohos

Sri Param Pita Parmeshwar abishekta hunuhuncha
Hami Param Putramathi dhyan gardaychoo
Param Atma hamra pratibhaharulai doryaunuhos

Asatyabaata satyama,
Andakaarbaata jyotima,
Mrithyobaata amritama chootownahos
Shanti, Ma Yeshuko sharanmunni owndaychoo

English Translation:
Creator of Earth, Space, and Heaven,
You who are clothed with light,
May we meditate on your purifying light,
May you guide our intellects.

God the Father is Enthroned,
May we meditate on God the Son,
May God the Holy Spirit guide our intellects.

Lead me from falsehood to Truth
Lead me from darkness to Light
Lead me from death to Eternal Life
Peace, I come under the shelter of Jesus

These chants have been taken from the booklet “Christocentric Satsang" compiled by anil yesudas. “Christocentric Satsang” contains chants in Sanskrit, with translations in Hindi and English. These booklets are available through the website adhyathmavatika.orgFor the sake of our Nepali and Bhutanese friends, in this blog, I have added translations in Nepali.

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