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Last night, Katherine and I booked our tickets for our upcoming trip to South Korea to attend the annual advisory board meeting of the Global Diaspora Network.  Of course, we booked out tickets in faith that the Lord will provide the money we need to pay for the trip. Indeed, already, we have gotten a sponsor from Korea who is totally sponsoring Katherine's ticket.  Praise the Lord!  Another $2000 will be enough to cover my ticket and to cover additional in country expenses for our week-long trip.

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Here are some details of our trip:

I have been serving with the GDN since 2011 when I was appointed as a Diaspora Mission Catalyst at the very first board meeting in Paris, France.  In that capacity, I have been seeking to catalyze mission to, through and beyond people scattered from everywhere to everywhere.  I teach, train, write, speak, mobilize, provide consulting, write and edit, and do a number of other things.

As we move into this year's board meeting, there are a number of purposes that Katherine and I have in mind.

1. Katherine is serving as a the prayer coordinator for the movement and has been for the past year.  In that capacity, she has been seeking to mobilize and inform lots of prayer around the world for the work we are doing.  The entire board is eager for her to attend her first meeting so that she can encourage us all and be encouraged by us.  We also believe that personally sitting in on our deliberations will help her tremendously in crafting prayer requests and mobilizing prayer in 2014-15.

2. I am serving on the editorial team which is working to produce a comprehensive compendium (big book) on diaspora missions and missiology that we hope will fill an enormous gap in the Church.  We anticipate this book becoming a prominent resource in most Christian graduate schools and seminaries in the years to come as well as being utilized widely by mission agencies and local churches who are working among diasporas.  The editorial team is meeting during this board meeting for a progress check and to make key decisions in route to releasing the book in 2015.

3. In 2015 in Manila, Philippines, the GDN will host a major international forum on diaspora missions which
will bring together 400 selected leaders from around the world to collaborate on what God is doing in the migration of peoples from everywhere to everywhere.  In addition to presenting and providing general leadership at the Forum, I am in charge of the team which will plan the three evening sessions.  The content of these sessions in particular and the evening sessions in particular will be major points of discussion during our Korea meeting.

4. Katherine and I will be meeting with our friend, Wilbur Sargunaraj to discuss several upcoming projects and to make a couple short films on cultural intelligence and South Korea.  The $2500 goal for fundraising includes some money to offset his expenses in coming to Korea.

I also should just add that Katherine and I haven't gotten a chance to travel alone together in forever.  I think the last time we did a trip like this was before we got married.  So, the timing is right for us to get away and have a totally new cross-cultural experience together.

In light of this, I hope you will consider this trip a worthy investment in the Kingdom of God.  Many of my readers have supported me through the years on various trips.  I hope you will do so again this time.  As always, the gifts are 100% tax deductible and you can give quickly and securely right now using our online giving center.  While you are there, you may want to also support the next East Africa trip which is scheduled for the summer.  It is a major event.


Many blessings!!!

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