Need some help friends!

Greetings friends and family!

Today, I need to make a special appeal for some bonus financial support. This summer (especially the last month or so) has hit us pretty hard with needed repairs to house, car, etc. Additional ministry expenses have also come up and, well, basically, we are just not doing very well financially right now.

Typically, I make requests for financial support toward specific projects such as international trips, etc. This time however, we need some special general support as well. Basically, we could really use about $2200 as follows:

1. $1200 would help us in light of the various repairs, etc that have come up including water heater replacement, related plumbing expenses, our car got hit while parked, and a few other things.

2. $1000 would help me a lot in making a trip beginning next week through several states. (1) I need to be in Arkansas for a training that will allow us to begin offering the Perspectives course in Chicagoland to raise up a new generation of missionaries. (2) I will visit Nepali disciples who are now living in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New York to encourage them and evaluate how to best catalyze them for making an impact in their new cities. (3) I will visit potential partners in Toronto who are looking at joining hands with us in various ways including church planting in Chicago and development ministry in Ethiopia and Uganda. Fortunately, my lodging prices are minimal (only 3 hotel nights needed) as I will be staying in Nepali and partner homes for most of the trip. Most of the expenses are associated with food and gas.

My prayer today is that many of you will click on and make a quick gift of any amount to support us (add a note like Lorances). Our online giving is set up through PayPal which we find to be still the safest and best system out there. All gifts are also tax deductible. If you prefer a more traditional giving option, you can always mail a check to us (let me know).

Also, we could use some additional monthly supporters. The longer we serve on the mission field, the fewer regular supporters we have. Currently we have less than 10 regular monthly supporters. So, while you are over at the website, you can set up a monthly gift of support for us on this page

Thanks again for all your support, prayer, and encouragement!

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