Well done, Heidi! We will miss you.

The Trinity International family is saddened by the loss of our friend, Heidi Schoedel. Heidi co-founded and led one of our favorite partner ministries, Exodus World Services which has been dedicated to mobilizing and equipping the church to love refugees for many years.  I have a great respect and admiration for Heidi who gave her life away for something bigger than herself. In devotion to The Lord Jesus, she is responsible for blessing thousands of refugees.  I hope I can finish as well as she did.

It has been a great joy for TIBM to partner with Exodus under Heidi's leadership and while we look forward to continuing our partnership, we will miss her. We sincerely hope that in response to her example many churches and individuals will look to get involved with Exodus World Services.  Here is how:

Exodus ministries:

Or you can make a donation here:

Read Exodus's letter on Heidi's death here:

The video we made with Exodus a couple years ago:

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