The Displacement of Syrians is Leading to a Massive Sex Trafficking Crisis

Lord, have mercy!

The Syrian refugee crisis is a global emergency.  May the United States, Canada, and many other nations step in immediately and provide humanitarian aid, security support, and resettlement.

The following videos will disturb you.  Here's what we've been saying.  The refugee crisis resulting from the violence in Syria has created an overwhelming refugee crisis.  The camps are overcrowded and growing every day.  Most of the refugees are women and children (like 75-80%).  They are vulnerable and now evil men are taking advantage of the situation.  Unless drastic action is taken immediately, we may be on the verge of one of the worst trafficking situations in history.

After watching, let me encourage you to share this post with others.  Also, if you are a church leader (or if you know a church leader) read and share my post on how churches should prepare for the coming Syrian "tidal wave".  Then, read and add your endorsement to my "Open Letter to Displaced Syrians".  Or you can check out all my posts on the Syrian crisis here.

Syria's Sex Slaves

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